GPMX Motocross School

Train in Florida for the winter!


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                                                               WELCOME TO GPMX South in Central FLORIDA!! 


Looking for some high quality riding and coaching for the off season?!

We now have a "base camp" in Central Florida strategically located withing minutes of Florida's best private and public tracks, with conditions going from deep sand to hard pack, we have everything at our fingertips to provide the best training possible.

- Pleasant RV parking, storage for bikes, and the Pro Shop to address all your bike and parts needs.

- Town commodities (restaurants, grocery stores, etc) 5 minutes away.

-Paved trails for (safe) road biking and mountain biking trails are 10 minutes away. 
Gym, Basketball/Volleyball/ skate park 5 minutes away.... along with one of Florida best Go kart tracks!

As always, passion, knowledge, dedication, experience and fun is second to none. I am ready to help you reach your Motocross dreams!

GPMX, based on over 30 years of international experience, is offering semi private winter training in Florida for the 8th consecutive year from December to mid March.

The program covers training on and off the bike, nutrition, and racing support on weekends!


This is an example of the weekly program we offer:


Monday - If raced the Sunday before, always reserved as a recovery day.  Recovery days are not intended to sit around and do nothing, you want to use this day to let your body recover by doing some type of light exercise. Usually a good day to relax off the bike if needed, watch the video of the race etc...

Tuesday - Tuesday and Wednesday are the two hardest days with the most volume and highest intensity.  Ride moto's, spend at least two hours on the bike followed by a hard session at the gym.  

Wednesday - Similar to Tuesday's routine + sprint lap. Interval training off the bike.

Thursday - Riding and action practice drill followed by a cardio workout.

Friday - Riding, light moto and technique. Usually the day we practice starts and play ride. Followed by a light road ride or similar cardio exercise. If feeling tired, take Friday afternoon off to relax and get ready for the race coming up!

Saturday -  Track walk at the race and racing strategy. Light practice or racing.

Sunday - Race, have fun and finish on the podium!

*We start every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7:45 am with a light 30 minute "wake up jog". 

Of course this is only a summary of what we are doing. A lot of aspects like mental approach, nutrition, stretching, bike tuning, video sessions, lap and interval timing and more will be addressed.


These are some of the riding techniques we will work on:


Basic braking
Advanced braking
Braking bumps
Braking zones
Seating positions
Cornering seated
Cornering stood
Posture seated

Posture stood
Acceleration bumps
Ruts on straights
Ruts in corners
Flat corners
Bermed corners
Ski jumps
Drop offs
Seat bouncing
Pre loading
Advanced landings
Passing lines
Block passing
Start gate preparation
Mud riding
Sand riding
Hard pack riding.....


Depending on the riders physical condition and riding ability, we will adjust the program accordingly. If more fitness is needed or if riding techniques need attention, we'll custom fit the training program.  


                                                                 Price is $600* per week per rider.


This includes:

- Full time training, on and off the bike. 

- Race support

-Technical assistance if needed

...and anything we can do to help you have fun while reaching your goals! 



*Discounts for multiple weeks of training and group package. Please contact Greg Pamart for more information!



                                cell: 484-524-5327       Email: