GPMX Motocross School





Based near Philadelphia, PA, in the spring and summer and Florida in the winter, we offer some of the best riding in the US.

 Budds Creek, High Point, Broome Tioga, Englishtown, Steel City, Hurricane Hill,  Doublin Gap, the best Florida private and public tracks, are just some of the many places you are going to ride.

Come on  to ride the legendary AMA tracks!

We offer some of the best outdoor track of the country year round!  We've had riders visiting us from all around the world.... you could be too!



                                       Budds Creek....




Come to train and race full time to become the best you can be!  Life is short, come and experience the life of a Pro Motocross racer!

Traveling, training, racing..... are you ready to be put to the test..? 

 GPMX Racing will:

- Riding 5 days a week (fitness and riding techniques) and race support. We offer a solid workout program especially developed for Motocross racer.

- Race on the week-end in North East region, Florida or AMA Pro or Amateur National (Mini O's, Lorreta's etc..) of your choice

- Travel to various practice tracks

- Provide all the necessity needed to ride and race (transportation, tools, paperwork,  etc..)

 -GPMX will organize your trip and stay in the US, pick you up and drop you off at the Airport etc... 


This is an idea of a weekly program:

Monday - If raced the sunday before, Always reserved as a recovery day.  Recovery days are not intended to sit around and do nothing unless you suffered an injury on Sunday.  A good recovery day would be a 1 hour "light" bike ride, 45 minute run, or 45 minute row.  You want to use this day to let your body recover by doing some type of light exercise. Heart rates should be no higher than 60-70% max heart rate or a high 2 on a scale of 1 to 4 (1 being the easiest and 4 being 100% max'ed out effort). Usually a good day to relax or to service the equipement.

Tuesday - Tuesday and Wednesday are the two hardest days with the most volume and highest intensity.  Ride moto, spend at least one to two hours on the bike followed by an hour and a half at the gym.  

Wednesday - Repeat Tuesday's workout .

Thursday - Riding followed by a light road ride or similar.  Intensity on the road ride should be slightly higher than Monday's ride (70-80% max heart rate).

Friday - Riding (light moto + technique and play riding) followed by a light road ride or similar.  Intensity on the road ride should be slightly higher than Monday's ride.  If you are feeling tired, take Friday off to get the bikes ready for the race coming up!

Saturday - Ligth practice at the race track. Light run (like Monday's recovery run). Track walk and racing strategy.

Sunday - Race and finish on the podium!

We'll work on:

Basic braking
Advanced braking
Braking bumps
Braking zones
Seating positions
Cornering seated
Cornering stood
Posture seated

Posture stood
Power shifting
Acceleration bumps
Ruts on straights
Ruts in corners
Flat corners
Bermed corners
Ski jumps
Drop offs
Seat bouncing
Pre loading
Advanced landings
Passing lines
Block passing
Start gate preparation
Mud riding
Sand riding
Hard pack riding.....

 Depending of the rider physical condition and riding ability, we will adjust the program accordingly. If more fitness is needed or if riding technique need attention, we'll custom fit the training program.  



 $1300 a week per rider*. This include:


-Breakfast and lunch

-bike rental

-training on and off the bike

-5 ride and 2 active recovery day a week

- full training, on and off the bike. 

-tech and logistic support (airport pick up and drop off, etc...)


            Chose a date and Email us your information to [email protected]


*Discount available for multiple riders or multiple weeks  visit.

 link to US MX tracks, check it out!  .........