GPMX Motocross School

GPMX now offer classes for the dual sport riders!

With 30 years of motocross experience at your service, our goal is to make riding safer and more pleasurable. GPMX will help you learn how to better control your motorcycle. As you perfect your skills, your riding comfort and enjoyment will increase.

We love to teach the correct way to ride off road, without limits, for have the confidence to explore and travel all around the world.On our coures will find balance and control with our method and small secrets! Our courses are aimed at all motorcyclists who wish to live the experience of their rides on off road, acquiring the techniques for riding with skill and safety, eliminating the limitations of apprehension and fear from the pleasure of riding. We love to teach the correct way to ride a single or twin cylinder bike off-road, without limits, to have the confidence to explore and travel all over the world.

The GPMX Dual Sport class is geared for beginning, intermediate, or advanced street riders who want the confidence to continue when the paved road turns to gravel or single track trail. One of the fastest growing forms of motorcycling today, adventure sport (also dual sport) riding features street-legal off-road motorcycles that can be operated on pavement, dirt roads, and trails.

We provide students with experience handling a motorcycle in low-traction conditions. Conducted on a closed course, the basic motorcycle skills of straight line riding, shifting, turning, and braking are presented with an emphasis on lower body control, body positioning, and weight distribution. Intermediate skills are presented and practiced as appropriate to the rider's skill level.

Whether you plan to jump in with both feet or just want to improve your riding skills for occasional forays onto dirt and gravel roads, GPMX will give you the confidence to take your riding to the next level.

Prices: $300 per rider. Group price available.

Dates: contact us at or call 484-524-5327