Born in 1973 in Mouscron, Belgium (French nationality). Reside in Pottstown, PA USA.

First started racing 80cc in 1984 in France.

Moved to St Martin (SXM, French Caribeen) in 1989, were my father owned a Yamaha dealership.

Ran the SXM motocross school from 1990-1994.

Raced internationaly for 10 years. Started racing in the USA in 1994.

Certified motorcycle technicien, 15 years of experience.

Owner / operator of GPMX motocross school.



Became part of a new team LEBANON VALLEY CYCLE and AXIS.

Finished 2nd in the 35+ and 30+ at the Winter AM serie down in Florida.

3rd at the Vet National in Reddick, FL.

5th and 6th at the Mini O's

Training with Gary Semics.



Moved to Florida for the winter to train at Skytop with Gary Semics. Participated and appeared in his new MX video.

Trained with GP Team Martin Honda (from Italia) for 3 weeks. 

 2nd at  the Vet National (FL) and won the Loretta Lynn's qualifier in FL (25+and 35+).

 2nd in 35+ and 4th in 25+ at the Steel City LL Regional

 3rd in 35+ and 8th in 25+ at the Loretta Lynn's Amateur National 


Part of RRP-Crossroad race team.

AMA Pro license holder, raced Budd's Creek but didn't qualify.

Good season until July 1st where I broke my right femur at local race.

Organized stay in the US and help managed Team Iceland for the MX OF NATION.

 Back on the track at the Pagoda MX, PA, October 14th.

5th in 25+A at the Mini O's in Gainesville, Florida.


Under the RRP-Crossroad race Team.

Competed in the D6 and MDRA series.

Won all classes, 250 A, 25+A, 30+A in both series. Participate in over 40 races.

Raced some selected Arenacross in winter.


   Past racing history:


 1992: UFOLEP 250cc France NATIONAL MX and SX Vice champion

 1994: 1st time in US, raced  District 34 races and selected North East AMA National.

 1995/96: Raced in Caribbean, France and USA.

 1997: Hired by team RPM to race the AMA 125 outdoor nationals. Injured mid season. Best finish : 21st at Mt Morris, PA.

 98/99/2000: Went back to France. Compete in  BMX. Ride MX, testing for VOR bikes, but didn`t race.

 2001: Back in the U.S. 4 months to prepare for the 2002 MX season.

2002 3rd place, 25+ Expert in the Northeast Classic Series - 2nd in District 6, 25+ Expert , 5th in District 6, 125 Expert

2003: - 3rd of theThor-Parts Ulimited North East Classic series- 1st 25+ Expert and 30+A AMA district 6-2nd 250 Expert district 6- 2nd in Broome Tioga Suzuki Amateur National

Great  first 3 months after racing SX in Europe. Got hurt (broken tib-Fib) at Mt Morris Pro National during practice (23rd best lap time anyway). First broken bone ever. Start racing locally in September.

2005: After a winter of hard training, another broken leg in April at a local race. Start riding in August and get up to speed. Manage to get a 1 race deal with RRP for the KROC, NJ. Did OK and got sign up for 2006.