MX School information 


                                                         Invest in yourself !

As a Gary Semics Motocross School instructor I teach under the GSMXS school's name and format.

I have been trained by Gary Semics and passed GSMXS's standards to teach in affiliation with GSMXS.

So if you want to learn from the best Motocross School in the US, contact me.

 Learn what's important and how to practice in order to keep improving.               


 This is the school that trained Jeremy McGrath, Steve Lamson, Ezra Lusk, Kevin Windham, Stephane Roncada, John Dowd, Jiri Dostal, Branden Jesseman and many other top pros, plus hundreds of beginners and amateurs every year.

Check my BIO page to find out the amount of experience and dedication I have for the the sport of Motocross.

I'm available for private, semi private and groups school at selected track. Also, I'll be please to travel to your private or local practice track.        


  See the schedule for available classes or pick a date to set private lessons.




  School cover:

Bike setup -check your bike to make sure that the controls  are properly adjusted and in good working order.

Stationary Drills - To learn the different techniques that we will be using in the practice drills.

 Practice Drills - To learn the ABC's of Motocross (Accelerating, Braking and Cornering)

Jumping - Different techniques for jumping higher and further, along with techniques for staying closer to the ground and shortening the distance.

Whoops - Practice different techniques for mastering the whoops sections.

Starts - Techniques for starting straighter, faster and smoother.


1 day:  $175, 

2 days: $300  +  track Fees 




       Have you ever wondered what might be the best way to spend your money in order to get you riding faster and in control?

  Ask yourselves this: what is the power and effectiveness of this investment? And is it making a true and measurable difference to your performance?

You can bolt on your bike all kind of expensive aftermarket part, it's not going to help you very much if you don't have the skill to put it to used.

 By learning and improving your riding techniques, you will become a better, safer and  faster rider.                                 

For your special needs and one-on-one attention. I will put my 25 years of international racing experience at your service to accelerate your progress and help you achieve your goals.   

 You might want to train in private, in absolute confidence or a just a rider wanting to concentrate on certain areas of your game, wanting the intensity that the 1 to 1 gives you... "results come fast here".

 This is some of the techniques we will work on:


Basic braking
Advanced braking
Braking bumps
Braking zones
Seating positions
Cornering seated
Cornering stood
Posture seated

Posture stood
Acceleration bumps
Ruts on straights
Ruts in corners
Flat corners
Bermed corners
Ski jumps
Drop offs
Seat bouncing
Pre loading
Advanced landings
Passing lines
Block passing
Start gate preparation
Mud riding
Sand riding
Hard pack riding.....

 Keep in mind that it take many hours to understand and apply and master each of the above riding techniques.


 1 day session (6 hours on the bike):

       -1 rider: $300

        -2 riders $260 per rider 

        -3 riders $240 per rider

        -4 riders $220 per rider


-Hourly rate for less than a full day session, per rider: 

         -$50 an hour per rider

-Custom long term training program available. The best way to keep improving through the entire season! Contact us for prices!


Training at GPMX:

You can race and trained at GPMX full time. This is the Ultimate way to improve your riding and learn the best training techniques, on and off the bike.

This is a very popular option for riders from oversea or if you want to get ready for a big race.

Prices start at $1400 a week per rider ( training on and off the bike, racing support , lodging and food).

 Please contact us for multiple weeks package deal!



FAQ about group schools:

  • What time do the school begin?
    You need to be at the track by 9:30am and the classes start at 10:00am.
  • How long is each day of school?
    Classes are from 10:00-3:00 and then from 3:00-4:00 there will be an hour of free riding.  Also, there is a 40 min lunch break.
  • How many days are the school?
    For riders 11 years old and younger the classes are one day
    For riders 12 and older the classes are two days
  • Do you rent bikes?
  • Do we stay there?
    Nearby hotel and campground information is sent to you in a conformation letter after you are signed up for a school and you have paid your $50 deposit.  You can camp at the track for free but there are no hook up.
  • Can we leave our bikes and/or trailer at the school overnight?
    Yes, your trailer can be left in the pit area and we do have a building you can leave your bike in but we are not responsible for them.
  • Do we provide food?
  • How old do you need to be?
    To enter into the younger classes, you must be between the ages of 6 and 11.  For the two-day classes you must be at least 12 years of age and up.
  • What size bike do you need to have?
    The younger groups must have either 50's or 60's, and the older group start at 80's and up.
  • Do you accept beginner riders at your schools?
    If you have been riding and going to practice tracks to ride you could come to one of
    our group schools.  However, if you have not gotten to the practice tracks yet and need
    more instruction then you need to take a semi-private lesson with one of our instructors.
  • Do woods riders benefit from our schools?
    Yes, they do because of the fact that all technics are the same.
    When are private and semi private lessons held?
    They are held by appointment only

       How many riders are in each class?
        Usually the classes range from 10-15 riders.  Try to make your reservations early because classes do fill up fast.

  • What should we bring to the school?
    You need to bring everything you would take to a race.  Bike, protective gear, fuel,
    parts, tools, lunch, plenty to drink etc. 


                                                                      Contact us and lets get started !!