GPMX camp August  16 to  20th, more info to come soon!

1st annual 5 day camp at the brand new GPMX Facility, open to all riders over 10 years old (riders of different age and skill will be in different groups)! 

Riding techniques, physical conditioning, bike maintenance and set up... every aspect of motocross will be covered! The track lap time is around 1'45 and its designed exclusively for motocross training. 

RV parking available (limited water and electric). 

This is your chance to train with the only certified mx instructor in the D6 area! Some of the best local riders already did!  

Price is $600 per rider. Space is limited so please call 484-524-5327 for more info and reservations! 



New! GPMX private training headquarters!

GPMX just moved on 30 acres of beautiful sloping land in Douglassville PA.

The track layout is in, jumps will be added very soon, we are fully operational for training.

Coming soon is a gym for complement training along with a lot of exciting features like an indoor half pipe, BMX dirt jumping,  hare scramble loop and more!!

We also have a full blown MX pro shop to cater all your service needs...

Remember that we are the only Semics certified MX school in the area, offer 25 years of international racing experience, and also one of the top current A riders in the D6 area.

Take advantage of this opportunity and call to schedule a private, semi private or group school today!




The GPMX track layout is designed to learn how to better your riding in the most efficient way possible. 



The shop will be divided between the pro shop and the work out area. The upper loft will be fitted with a big screen TV to review riding videos and relax between training sessions. 



                            The gym and the half pipe are soon to come on this side of the shop.


Please contact Frenchie to book a session and be one of the first ones to ride this brand new track in the area!

[email protected]       484-524-5327




GPMX back in the NorthEast

After 3 months training and racing in Florida, GPMX is back home and ready to Rock!

 Another long winter of fine tuning training techniques and programs with Gary Semics. Gary and myself are dedicated to bring to you the latest and best way to become a better and safer rider. Did I mention the visit of Travis Pastrana, David Night, and some of the top riders from Europe and South America?!

 Also, racing was intense and I bring a load of personal championships and podium finishes from the WinterAM, Daytona SX, the Vet National and Dade City MX. Busy winter!

Special thanks to Spencer at Skytop MX for providing with one of the finest training facility in the USA. 

Don't wait another second, book a session with GPMX, the only certified MX School in the NorthEast!!





2010 Ultimate Serie

2010 Bike Ultimate Schedule

RD#1 April 10/11 Pagoda

RD#2 April 24/25 Evansville MX Park

RD#3 May 1/2 Hurricane Hills

RD#4 May 29/30 Sleepy Hollow

RD#5 June 5/6 Doublin Gap

RD#6 June 26/27 Raceway Park

RD#7 July 24/25 Happy Ramblers

RD#8 August 28/29 Dutchmen MX

RD#9 September 4/5 Miles Mountain

RD#10 September 5/6 Sleepy Hollow


Winter training program, Start today!!


Now is the best time to improve your riding techniques, get in shape, and get ready for the upcoming racing season!

An important part of being safe and fast in motocross is knowledge.  Learn exactly what to do in order to progress, improve your skill level, and have more fun:

  1. Foundation: Building all the correct riding techniques.
  2. Practice time: Frequency, duration and intensity, how much practice does it take?
  3. Riding in different conditions: Learning how to ride everything from hard pack to mud and sand.
  4. Speed and time: Riding motos to increase your speed and do the distance.
  5. Conditioning: Knowing how to train and what to eat in order to be in top physical shape.
  6. Mentally strong: Being able to stay focused and concentrate when it really counts.
  7. Racing: When the gate drops, non-sense stops! Racing is the best practice, learn how to fine tune your race day.
  8. Blending it all together: Living the dream and loving the process.
  9. And more.

GPMX will be at the Mini O's (FL) the last week of November, the Winter Am (FL) from January to March, and at all 2010 Ultimate Series rounds.

Also we offer %20 off until the end of March.

 Call Greg: 484-524-5327






Week End Schedule, October 3rd-4th k


Saturday, GPMX will be at Raceway Park for race support at the KROC weekend.

Sunday, Troy Lee Design is having a TLD ride day at the infamous Sleepy Hollow Race track.

Keep in mind that training never stop, it's a great time of the year to ride so contact us and book now!

Don't forget about the VPE Big Box Day at Pagoda next week!


                                                                                                                      Last year VPE day...



September 26th-27th Group School at Evansville MX, Berwick PA



Great weekend coming up at Evansville MX Park!

GPMX will have a 2 days MX school  (click for school details) open to all riders over 10 years old.

We will work on impoving turning, braking, jumping, starting and woops.

 Also plenty of open practice will be offer to apply the new techniques learned each day.

 $300  per rider covers the 2 days and the track fees.

Don't pass on the oportunity to learn from the only certified instructor in the area!

Please email or call 484-524-5327 for more information.

Evansville MX Website






Frenchie Injured but Training will continue (from RacerX website)

"One of the pre-race favorites in the Vet classes at Loretta Lynn's is unfortunately out with an injury. Rob Harris dropped us a note and said that Greg "Frenchie" Pamart crashed Wednesday night while practicing and is currently in the ICU of a Reading, PA, hospital with a C-1 fracture to his neck. The good thing is that no surgery is required and he is in good spirits and is expected to make a full recovery. Greg had some great rides at Loretta's last year, and he also teaches his own motocross school. Keep Greg in your thoughts and prayers, and send him a "get well" email here: [email protected]."

 Get well soon!Thinking of you from France! Agn�s


Note: GPMX will continue (I'm just wearing a neck brace) and I will be back racing in about 12 weeks max. It's a rought one but the show must go on!

                                               Broken C1. Ouch!

Thanks to all the MX community and my sponsors for the warm support, it's great to "feel the love" .








Ultimate Serie, Raceway Park, NJ


Nice day for racing in NJ, sunny and warm.

 I didn't do the Open A this weekend... I finished 1st in 25+A, 2-2 in 30 and 35+A, overall.

Usual battle with Carsten. Great racing to watch in the 250 and open A, the new track layout opened up some serious racing action!

A few injured riders, Grennie (broken arm/shoulder), Dickson (clutch lever trought the helmet in the forhand), get well soon friends!

See video from .

See you soon!





High Point pics...


Great weekend at Mt Morris, going from mud to perfect to hardpack in few hours!

A crash in the first lap of the first moto saturday had me worked my way up from mid pack to 8th.

The rest of the weekend went great, MotoMel (my mecanic for the event) did a good job keeping the bike in top shape.

 Good time with all the D6 riders too, can't wait to be at the race in Tennessee!!




                                          35+A start on sunday




Schedule page posted!


You can now sign up right here and reserve your spot for a private, semi private or group school!

Click on a available date, sign up and that's it! We offer hourly session to full season program (info).

Remember this is the only Gary Semics Certified Motocross Trainer in this area! Take advantage of it!

If you have a special request or any questions, just Email me [email protected] or call 484-534-5327

 Thanks !





Evansville, Ultimate Serie Rd. 2

April 19 2009

 Good weekend for round 2 of the D6 Ultimate. Great track but man, the roost is the worst I have ever experience. With the rocks, it felt like someone was pouring boiling water on you. ouch!

The rolling hills of Berwick, PA, provide the racers some serious elevation changes and some impressive jumps, especially the downhill one. Lots of racing action with some serious crashes. Jim Mac (broken leg), Carsten (never see him crash in 15 years!), myself and many more were victim of the track.

Great weekend, I'm pretty beat up today but the GPMX riders finishes were good overall so I'm really happy!



Sleepy Hollow Ultimate series

New track and good racing!

 Over 600 riders got together to race on the brand new Sleepy lay out. This is the first major change this place has seen since the mid 70's! Eric and his crew made a gusty move the week before the biggest race of the year and I think it worked out great.

Racing went good (Race Results) and we all had a good time, once again, with the MX family.


Another holeshot in the making...Check out the quality of the dirt!! Perfect...

Cook (360), Spangler (427), and myself battling in the early laps of the OpenA moto


 MX for life




Pagoda Ultimate Series, Round 1, 04/05/09


 Congratulations to Kyle SIDLE #15 (Open A and 250A), he was impressive this week end at the Pagoda!


What a great opening round! 800+ entries, perfect track condition and weather, awesome racing, all the friends.... sometime everything "click"!

The racing was good, the GPMX riders performed well and we had a blast.



Open A      
OverallNumberBrandNameCity,StateMoto 1Moto 2
197YamCasey M. ClarkPine Grove, PA21
215SuzKyle R. SidleJonestown, PA42
3444SuzGregory PamartPottstown, PA16
4228KawWilliam H. ShatrauOswego, NY54
5111YamBroc SchmelyunGlen Rock, PA83






OverallNumberBrandNameCity,StateMoto 1Moto 2
1444SuzGregory PamartPottstown, PA11
2930KawGaylon DicksonWeatherly, PA23
328SuzKurt McmillenWappingers Fall, NY42
4165HonTony K. RothReading, PA34
5914YamMichael P. BearColumbia, PA65

35 + A      
OverallNumberBrandNameCity,StateMoto 1Moto 2
131SuzBarry CarstenBayville, NJ12
2444SuzGregory PamartPottstown, PA41
3185HonTy WallaceAlbrightsville, PA23
4930KawGaylon DicksonWeatherly, PA34
5914YamMichael P. BearColumbia, PA65





March 23 2009

Hi everyone!

I spent a lot of time with Gary Semics working on the latest riding and teaching techniques. It's a great time to work with Gary and I'm always looking to better myself as an instructor and a rider.

The Florida Winter Racing Series was very intense. After battling every single moto of the six round series, I finished second overall to Keith Johnson in both +30 and +35. Good racing!

Now back home for the local series, I'm ready for more racing but first of all, to help my riders getting better and faster! My schedule of MX school will be out very soon!

Thanks again to all my sponsors [click here] and especially to the Hess family for the  friendly support over the winter.. Thanks so much guys !

 Here a few pics of the winter.. Enjoy!






                              Good Job Tom!!



                 Winter Am at Reddick, Fl, attack!



Monster Moutain Alabama


On my way back from Florida, we took a day to check out Monster moutain, it's an awesome place, Greg would have loved to ride that track! It could be a national track!

   Look at Kyle's leg.... Good form!                                                          Dylan Brajkovich #921 on a yamaha...





Pax Track Florida



 Pax Track is a fun track, supercross style with a lots of table top and ball turn. Fun for a while but not very challenging.




Kyle Sidle #15, from PA turning A this year!



Riding at Croome FL



                    This place is amazing, with endless whoops and some cool technical trails.

                      Last time we rode there, Tim Ferry was riding there with his brother! cool!





       George in trouble...                                                          Alex practicing his turns... on the pipe!





Reddick last round of the Winter AM


 The Winter Am went well, Greg got two second overal in the 30 and 35+ class!

The serie of 6 races was very intense with some great battle with Carsten, Earl May and of course Keith Johnson. Doing the serie was a last minute thing and it work out good.



2009 Winter am series

Points Standings

Plus 30  - Best 99 finishes
Pos. # Name Points
1. 6 Keith Johnson 145  
2. 444 Gregory Pamart 114  
3. 82 Earl May 105

Plus 35  - Best 99 finishes
Pos. # Name Points
1. 6 Keith Johnson 150  
2. 444 Gregory Pamart 118  
3. 82 Earl May 116





Waldo Round #2 Winter am




  Mini O's and training down South

 Check ou the Gatorback SX track:

 We had a great week at the MINI O'S!



   GPMX RACER Signy Stefansdottir #34 getting a very good start!


Greg, Signy, Keith Brown owner of MGX UNLIMITED and Dick Sidle owner of Lebanon Valley Cycle.

Tom Sebastian (GAP RACING) and Kyle Sidle                                 Agnes and...THE GOAT...




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